YA Novel – Sammy and the San Juan Express – Book Three

Book-3 in the Sammy and the San Juan Express middle grade, young adult adventure novel series — Alpha She Wolf, to be released in fall 2017. Sammy is asked to consult in an Animal Crime Scene Investigation (ACSI ) investigation into the shooting of a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Her encounter with the wolf during the necropsy pulls Sammy into a world of dreams and memories buried deep in her psyche.She knows this wolf on a much more intimate level than she ever imagined, and she is compelled to solve the crimes mysteries. Sammy also begins high school in her new home in the San Juan Islands. She makes friends with a strange group of teens and is soon embroiled in incidents of bullying. Resulting conflicts force her to choose between the truth, which may endanger her, or admitting to lies. She chooses truth and is subjected to a gauntlet of challenges from friends, family, and teachers to prove her own, and her friends, innocence. Alpha She Wolf is an exciting new Sammy adventure in which Sammy uses her wit, cunning, her empathic sensitivities, and help from her animal friends, to find truth in a confusing fifteen-year-old world. 

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