Bret Eborn of Eborn Books, Salt Lake City with Sammy and the San Juan Express YA novel series

We are happy to announce that Sammy and the San Juan Express, our new Young adult, middle grade, adventure novel series, is stocked by Eborn Books of Salt Lake City UT . Sammy is the perfect summer read for any ten year old and up, who loves adventure in exciting places, and is fascinated by Sammy’s love of animals and her unique empathic sensitivity. In book one—Seals the Deal, it’s her friends, both above and below the water’s surface, that help her escape a group of rogue fishermen, killing seals and sea lions, and who have similar plans for Sammy. In book two—Presidential Bear, Sammy is invited to a Presidential conference in beautiful Glacier National Park. Her Uncle Teddy has plans for a relaxing hike to Iceberg Lake, when encounters with a beautiful brown eyed young man, a spirit boy, and a frighteningly funny flatulent grizzly

Eborn Books carries Sammy and the San Juan Express

bear, introduce an entirely different adventure, requiring all of Sammy’s wits and help from a new band of animal friends to save, not only herself, but the President of the United States. Stop by Ken Sanders Rare Books, your local bookstore, or online, to pick up your copies of the Sammy and the San Juan Express series.

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