Book-, Alpha She Wolf in Editing

I’m excited to announce that Book-3, Alpha She Wolf, is finally written (whew!) and now in editing. Over the next few months, I’ll share our art work and other information about our release. Subscribe to my newsletter and receive insider information, and pre-release info on videos, audio books, and my next book launch. Thanks, Sammy.

A fifteen-year-old girl isn’t supposed to sense animal’s thoughts and emotions, but Sammy does. It’s what gives her compassion, courage, and the will to fight for what’s right and just. It’s also what lands her in the middle of great adventures. In Alpha She Wolf a call from Animal CSI sends Sammy on an investigation of a wolf killing in Yellowstone National Park. To make matters worse, she starts high-school and on her first day, she has a confrontation with the school bullies. Can Sammy solve the mystery of the wolf killings and, learning from the Alpha She Wolf, can she defeat the bullies, or is she in over her head, and beyond the point of no return?

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