Sammy and the

San Juan Express

Exciting New Middle Grade &

Young Adult Adventure Series

Book One

Seals the Deal

Set in the San Juan Islands, USA

Book Two

Presidential Bear

Set in Glacier National Park

Coming Fall 2019

Book Three

Alpha She Wolf

Set in Yellowstone National Park and

the San Juan Islands, USA

Header—Sammy of the San Juan Express YA Novel

What a great read, filled with rich details and emotions. It allowed me to experience Sammy’s life and adventures as she lived through the pages of this book. I want more. Perfect for todays youth.

Michael Leavitt, M.Ed.

Father, Child Therapist

Fantasy, Adventure, Emotion: First in the Sammy and the San Juan Express YA series—Only a week after their mother died, fourteen year old Samantha Carlisle and her younger brother, Loren, are shipped off to live with their Uncle, a float plane pilot in the San Juan Islands. Sammy’s hidden powers emerge when she senses danger and harm being done to seals and sea lions. Her effort to protect them triggers a chain of events that lead to kidnapping and attempted murder. Only her strength, courage, and new found friends, above and below the water’s surface, will determine if she lives or dies. “You are special,” her mother told her. Now she finds out why.

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Header—Sammy of the San Juan Express YA Novel

Exciting, inspiring, full of adventure and emotion. The perfect book for my daughters.

Cheryl Teigen

Mother of Two

Second in the Sammy and the San Juan Express YA series: When the President of the United States calls, you answer, especially if you are the guest of honor at a summit of the twenty most powerful leaders in the world. Fifteen-year-old Sammy dreams of a three-day vacation relaxing in Glacier National Park. Instead she meets a spirit-boy, a handsome brown eyed young man, and a frighteningly funny flatulent grizzly bear. Little does she know, there are more than animals and handsome young men in the woods—there is also a band of terrorists. To save herself and the President, Sammy must use her special powers and choose between right and wrong, head and heart, and hate or love—in a search for the truth.

I love books that make me laugh and cry. I couldn’t put it down. I’ll give it to my daughter and read it with my sons. They’ll love it. 

Michelle Wunderlich

Mother of Three

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